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1 January 1979
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I was born a poor black child. Wait, that was Steve Martin. Um, I come from a shithole of a town, and escaped to that state's capitol when I was 16. Been living here ever since, and had plenty of misadventures. I've been married and divorced, thought I would be a father and then not, in and out of various and assorted (really assorted) jobs and relationships, occasional bouts of homelessness and supreme luck, and am stricken with inexplicable wanderlust. It all just kinda depends on the weather. Currently I'm a slightly unemployed single 3rd shift supervisor. My current job is to raise and then tear down roofing systems for a local music production/venue assistance company. I had a pretty fun job, and I got to work with Great People, even if I think some of them might have kicked the knife in my back in a little harder. I've got friends and exes that I've lost touch with, and am now starting to reconnect with. I've got the fattest cat you have ever seen in your life, and his name is MoJo (he lives with my Sister Unit, though). The 2 cats that live with me, and are my constant companions are Maynard and The Pope. My car's name is Daisy Auricomm. My mother is a Druid, and I'm a ... well, I'm pagan, let's just leave it at that. Also, I am a Media Whore/Pirate. In short, I am stricken with Confucious' curse: I am leading an interesting life.

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