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Party Crasher

Most people, on this day, tend to look to their ancestry and strain to see some Irish. Then, according to tradition, they tend to drink until they fall down.

This is not what this day does for me. Will I be inebriated? Yes. Does this differ much from every other day in that respect? No.

I've felt, for a long time now, that St. Patrick's Day is a travesty. I look on it as a day of mourning. St. Patrick was the man responsible for "removing the snakes from Ireland", or so the story goes. First of all, it's just too goddamned cold in Ireland to house snakes in the first place. But nevermind that. What the story is an allegory for is him bringing Christianity to Ireland (something he's responsible for promoting, but it was hardly new to the country). What he really did was to help kill off and/or assimilate the old ways into modern day Catholicism. I take this day to remember what he, and all of his other Crusader/conquistador honchos up in Rome took away from us: culture that was valid, that was more in tune with the way the world works. Religions that, were they in power today, could provide different standards of living for us all. In short, a better world.

My viewpoint might be a little shortsided, a little biased. But who's isn't?
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